Why The Molar Bear?


No one is immune to yellowing teeth as a natural result of diet and age.

Our teeth absorb the colors of our food through microscopic pores every day. Removing years of staining results in dramatically whiter teeth and improved confidence. A beautifully whitened smile is a symbol of health and youthfulness. The challenge is getting the professional results you want without wasting time or money on over-the-counter gimmicks 

The Molar Bear aim is to help people achieve a whiter, brighter smile with our professional teeth whitening products. After being disappointed with whitening products on the market, we set out to create high quality products with dental-grade ingredients made in the USA. All of our products are tested by panel dentist who makes them safe and effective. 

We have developed a teeth whitening solution that allows our customers to make their own dental impressions. By eliminating a trip to the dentist, we eliminate much of the cost you would otherwise pay. 

Between our high-quality products and dedicated customer support, there are numerous reasons why choosing The Molar Bear for your teeth whitening needs is the best option.

  1. Results: Our products will help you achieve a whiter and brighter smile, period. Whether you drink coffee, tea, wine, smoke or just want to enhance the appearance of your smile, our products will get you the results you desire.
  2. Made in USA: All of our gel ingredients are 100% made in the USA and contain the highest quality dental ingredients. They are perfectly safe and effective to use for at home and on-the-go teeth whitening treatments. Our ingredients vary from product to product and are listed on the FAQ page.
  3. Customer Support: We provide fast customer support via email and live chat. If you need help choosing the right products, applying a product, have problems, common questions or anything else, we're here to help. Reach us through Contact us Page.
  4. Easy Instructions: All of our products come with detailed instructions and tips to achieve the best results during usage. Of course, if you have any additional questions or problems when using our products, our customer support team is here to help. Reach us through chat or Email.
  5. Fast Shipping: We ship all of our products from our warehouse in Delhi with a commitment to deliver the product at your doorstep within a week.. We even ship international and you'll receive a tracking notification to track your products right away. 



  • Gently brush teeth with toothpaste
  • Take both batteries out of the LED Light and reinsert the batteries.
  • Attach the mouth tray to the LED light.
  • Twist top off gel syringe and apply 1/4 of the gel to the top and 1/4 to the bottom of the mouth tray. Do ensure the gel is placed on mouth tray so it can touch your front of the teeth.
  • Put it in your mouth and turn the light on
  • Wait for light to turn off after 10 minutes
  • Rinse mouth out with warm water
  • The Molar Bear Smile!

How The Molar Bear Teeth whitening gel works:

  1. The active whitening agent penetrates the tooth’s enamel
  2. The oxygen molecules from the agent reacts with the discolored molecules
  3. By reacting with the discolored molecules, they agent breaks the bonds that hold them together
  4. The oxygen molecules then spread, whitening the whole tooth
  5. This leaves the teeth sparkling white and feeling fresh


Everyone wants a desired result and it is the deciding factor for the best teeth whitening kits on the market. While the effectiveness of the kits will vary between individuals, a quality brand should provide an expected outcome on their website. The Molar Bear users have seen a significant whitening of 3-5 shades lighter with correct use.


Our product are Non Peroxide and do not have any hydrogen peroxide which is barred European union. Safety is top most priority at The Molar Bear and our formula is designed in such a way that teeth whitening procedure should not damage your teeth, gums or mouth. Most teeth whitening kits contain the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide.

Our Lighting procedure is based out of blue LED which is completely safe to use. UV lights were commonly used in the past to accelerate the whitening process. However, they can be unsafe as they leave the mouth tissue open to radiation exposure. The Molar Bear use a blue LED accelerator light that works similarly, but doesn’t cause sensitivity or damage. The blue light uses a safe wavelength that doesn’t emit any heat or cause cell mutation.

With The Molar Bear teeth whitening kit gel and blue light, you can safely and effectively achieve a whiter smile.  


You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a high-quality whitening kit. On the other hand, if a product is retailing at quite a low price, this could be an indication of poor performance or substandard materials and ingredients. INR 3000-4000 is a reasonable price to be expected to pay for a professional at-home teeth whitening kit.

The teeth whitening process is a simple enough process to follow: apply the teeth whitening gel, attach the accelerator light and wear for the allotted time over the 6 day period. Voila! At the end of the treatment you’re left with dazzling pearly whites.